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USS Zumwalt

US Navy Destroyer

The Ship

The Zumwalt-class destroyer is a class of United States Navy guided missile destroyers designed as multi-mission stealth ships with a focus on land attack. Although the class is multi-role and was designed for secondary roles of surface warfare and anti-aircraft warfare, it was designed primarily for naval gunfire support.

The Model

The USS Zumwalt is 76 inches long at 1/96 scale. This model was created with a fiberglass hull and gatorboard structure for strength and lightness to make it easy to carry around for a trade show.

The Cost $5,999.99

I decided to build the USS Zumwalt is the first in the class. This is a one off hull that I commissioned as the origianl was being built. The model is amazing in the water with the inverted bow and flat stern area. I plan on adding more details to this ship in the future.

Case can be purchased seperatly. Shipping not included.