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USCGC Bertholf Cutter

U.S. Coast Guard Legend class

The Ship

Bertholf is the lead ship of the Legend-class cutter design and the first large ship to be built under the Coast Guard's multi-year Deepwater acquisitions project. The NSCs are to replace the fleet's aging 1960s era 378-foot Hamilton-class cutters.

The Model

The Bertholf Class is 56 inches long at 1/96 scale, the namesake ship build here. This model was created with a fiberglass hull and gator board structure for strength and lightness to make it easy to carry around for a trade show. The 3D printed parts were measured from tours of the ships in ports around the United States.

The Cost $7,999

This model can be display or R/C depending on your needs. Ship with display stand included. R/C version does not included radio.

Case can be purchased seperatly. Shipping not included.