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U.S. Navy O.H. Perry Class

Laser Cut Model and Etch Set

The Ship

The Perry Class was originally intended as austere 'low' category guided missile frigates (compared with the high capability Spruance class) for General Purpose and Anti-Air convoy escort. They were built under a cloud of controversy, with their very light gun armament and lack of redundancy and duplicated systems in event of ship being hit. They were regarded by the Reagan administration and Secretary John Lehman as not part of the 500 ship navy plan, but ultimately proved useful as anti-submarine ships if fitted to carry Seahawks and towed arrays and into the 21st Century as low grade patrol ships making up the numbers in a USN desperately short of escorts.

The Model

This model is made on an Scale Shipyard hull that is available in 1/96 scales. The lasers are highly detailed to match the first in the class of this ship and can modify to match your ship of choice. We also offer 1/96 photo-etch sets for this ship. Many 3D parts and fittings for this ship in a selection of scales are available at Perry Shapeways Store.


1/96 scale Laser Set


1/96 scale Photoetch


1/96 scale Lasers and Photoetch

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