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U.S. Navy Independence Class

Laser Cut Model

The Ship

USS Independence (LCS-2) is the lead ship of the Independence-class littoral combat ship. She is the sixth ship of the United States Navy to be named for the concept of independence. The design was produced by the General Dynamics consortium for the Navy's LCS program, and competes with the Lockheed Martin designed Freedom variant.

Independence carries a default armament for self-defense, and command and control. Unlike traditional combatants with fixed armament such as guns and missiles, tailored mission modules can be configured for one mission package at a time. Modules may consist of manned aircraft, unmanned vehicles, off board sensors, or mission manning detachments.

The Model

This model is made on an MTB hull that is available in 1/96 scale. The lasers are highly detailed to match the first in the class of this ship and ou can modify to match your ship of choice. We also lasercut the inner framework of this ship for added support.

Many 3D parts and fittings for this ship in a selection of scales are available at Independence Shapeways Store.


1/96 scale Laser set


1/96 scale Indepedence Acrylic inner Frame


1/96 scale Indepedence Laser set and Acrylic inner Frame

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